Olivia Teaches Transformational Mysticism and Metaphysics

$20.00 USD

It is easy to feel that we have very little control of our internal or external lives but the truth is, we are incredibly powerful beings. We have the potential to consciously transform our minds, hearts and souls. To harness this potential, we need to understand the spiritual laws of the universe and how to use them. This class series will give you a foundational understanding of metaphysics and how to use these spiritual laws to change your life. 

Class 1: Introduction Class In this class you will be introduced to the energetic laws of the universe and how to use them.

Class 2:The Law of Manifestation In this class you will learn how to harness your power to consciously manifest the things you desire. You will learn about common obstacles to consciously creating and how to overcome them.

Class 3: The Light In this class you will learn about the true spiritual nature and power of light and how to use the visualization of light to heal yourself and change your state of vibration. 

Class 4: Essential Purpose–Blessing and Service In this class you will learn how to use the Light and your power to manifest to be a force for healing and peace in the world. You will learn how your own potential, highest joy and true purpose are met in service to others. 

Class 5: Essential Nature–Soul  In this class you will learn how to use meditation to connect to and express your truest nature (your soul nature). 


Note About Cost: 

Important Note About Cost: This course includes five live classes, hands-on exercises, meditations, and printable materials. We believe that it is an exceptional value at $200. However, our core values include accessibility, and we understand that some people cannot afford that amount, so we offer a self-selecting sliding scale. You may choose the amount that works for you. Those who pay more help us support those who cannot afford the full cost. 

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