Theama Life School

What It Is

Theama Life School focuses on teaching people how to develop a healthy, vital, integrated relationship with themselves and to use that relationship to build strong healthy relationships with others.

You will spend far more time with yourself than anyone else and your relationship with yourself is the foundation of all other relationships. 

Most people spend a huge amount of energy criticizing themselves, struggling with bad habits or aggressively trying to destroy the parts of themselves they don’t like. A core principle of Life School is that we all have many parts and all of our parts have purpose and value.

When you understand your core needs and wounds, you can integrate all your parts and find peace, power, and harmony within yourself. 

How It Works

Most Life School classes are taught live online by one of our incredible instructors. 

Our instructors are all highly experienced and deeply grounded.

They are especially skilled at creating a warm and safe environment for students to reflect, share, and grow.

Get Started:


The Series entitled “Whole Self Thriving” is a great starting point because it covers the foundational principals.

It offers dozens of experiential activities and practices to ground the information and make it your own.

These courses include a cutting-edge model of the relationship between the sympathetic nervous system and emotional coping strategies created by Dr. Lucille Isadora Tures. This model is exclusively used in courses taught through Theama Institute.

This Series is designed to be accessible to beginners however, due to the novel approach to the topic those with an in-depth understanding of trauma theory, polyvagal theory, non-violent communication, internal family system etc. may also benefit from this material. 

Note: This Series includes some universal spiritual practices such as meditation, setting intentions, and working with energy. These practices will not include specific religious context unless an individual participant requests it. All spiritual beliefs (or lack thereof) are welcome.

Get Unstuck

How to change the ways you cope and free yourself from bad emotional habits.

If you have ever felt stuck repeating emotional patterns and behaviors that cause you unhappiness, this course is for you.

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Making Peace With Yourself

Learn how to build an empowered, compassionate, and peaceful relationship with yourself.

If you have ever struggled with feeling like you're at war with yourself, this course is for you.

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Inner Harmony

How to build a better relationship with yourself.

Many people find that they treat themselves in ways that they would never treat another person. They are hypercritical of themselves, invalidating, and unable to consistently treat themselves with compassion and kindness. If this sounds familiar, this course is for you.

You will learn to identify your inner parts, then build self-compassion and inner harmony.

Fans of inner-child work and IFS will likely enjoy this fresh take on Parts-work. 

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