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Whole-Self Thriving!

The Whole-Self Thriving Series consists of three consecutive courses.  It is a deep dive into lovingly transforming the stuck emotional patterns that cause you unhappiness.  

Our body’s natural responses to crises can create deeply seated emotional patterns that make us feel trapped in unhealthy reactions to stress. In this course you will learn how to recognize and change the way your body and mind react to stress by identifying the core values and needs that underlie those reactions. 

This course includes a cutting-edge model of the relationship between the sympathetic nervous system and emotional coping strategies created by Dr. Lucille Isadora Tures. This model is exclusively used in the course taught through Theama Institute. These courses are designed to be accessible to beginners however, due to the novel approach to the topic those with an in-depth understanding of trauma theory, polyvagal theory, non-violent communication, internal family systems, etc, may also benefit from this material. 

Whole-Self Thriving: Get Unstuck (Course 1 of 3)2024 Class dates coming soon.

Whole-Self Thriving: How to Make Peace with Yourself (Course 2 of 3): 2024 Class dates coming soon.

Whole-Self Thriving: Inner Harmony (Course 3 of 3): Begins November 21st! Class dates are 11/21, 11/28, 12/5, 12/12, 12/19

**Each course can be taken independently.  You do not need to have taken a previous course to register

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Mystery School Offerings

Journey Into Christian Mysticism


This course is a unique combination of deep devotion, irreverent humor, and unwavering practicality. Lucille and Katherine bring decades of experience as mystics, spiritual directors and respected professionals in their fields to the topic of Christian Mysticism.

Mysticism has been described as the beating heart of every religion. The central goal of Christian Mysticism is to submerge oneself in the ocean of divine love and discover that we each have the capacity to develop Christ-Consciousness.

This course will cover topics including:

  • Christian Mystical meditation
  • Contemplative prayer
  • Healing and wholeness
  • Mysticism and the Bible
  • Spiritual Community

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Transformational Mysticism and Metaphysics

Join us for this online five-week introduction to the tenets of mysticism and meditation, grounded in a Christian mystical path.

Many people find themselves living lives that are packed full of obligation, unsatisfying work, challenging relationships and either a kind of bored numbness or a lot of painful emotions. It is easy to feel that we have very little control of our internal or external lives but the truth is, we are incredibly powerful beings. We have the potential to consciously transform our minds, hearts and souls. To harness this potential, we need to understand the Spiritual Laws of the Universe and how to use them. The use of these Spiritual Laws is often called Metaphysics. This class series will give you a foundational understanding of Metaphysics and how to use these spiritual laws to change your life.

Class 1: Introduction Class In this class you will be introduced to the energetic laws of the universe and how to use them.

Class 2: The Law of Manifestation In this class you will learn how to harness your power to consciously manifest the things you desire. You will learn about common obstacles to consciously creating and how to overcome them.

Class 3: The Light In this class you will learn about the true spiritual nature and power of light and how to use the visualization of light to heal yourself and change your state of vibration. 

Class 4: Essential Purpose–Blessing and Service In this class you will learn how to use the Light and your power to manifest to be a force for healing and peace in the world. You will learn how your own potential, highest joy and true purpose are met in service to others. 

Class 5: Essential Nature–Soul  In this class you will learn how to use meditation to connect to and express your truest nature (your soul nature). 

You will leave each class with simple and practical exercises that will change your life. Every exercise will bring you closer to knowing your own creative power. This class is simple enough for beginners and deep enough to provide new insights to long-term practitioners.

When: Tuesdays from 5:00-6:30pm PST (6:00-7:30pm MST) (7:00pm-8:30pm CST) (8:00-9:30pm EST).  Classes on 11/7, 11/14, 11/21, 11/28, 12/5.

Cost: Sliding scale

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Tree of Life 

The Tree of Life is a series of books that contain the core teachings of Christian Mysticism and Christian Metaphysics. These teachings have been passed down from teacher to student for thousands of years and they have a potent alchemical effect on those who study them. 

The Tree of Life lessons have the power to bring about incredible transformations within the student and open them to a deep understanding of the spiritual world and the laws that govern it. These books cannot be purchased in any store and are only taught in a few spiritual centers in the country.

The Tree of Life is a mystical symbol that represents the connection between the earthly realms and higher vibrational realms. This Series is called Tree of Life because it focuses on the cosmic patterns that make up the energetic/spiritual world.

Tree of Life: Level 1 is a year-long series that consists of eight 5-week course courses. Each course includes three esoteric lessons and two classes on mystical bible contemplation. The courses are aligned with the seasons of the year and are designed to attune the participants to the cosmic patterns within themselves and the world around them.

Mystical Bible contemplation is a powerful and unique way of understanding scripture. In these classes the students are led through an active process of uncovering the deepest meaning within a passage of the Bible by applying a reflection on the metaphysical reality of the symbols within it. This practice allows the students to remove the scripture from any dogmatic or doctrinal shackles and reveals the mystical reality at the core.

Students in these courses will experience an expansion of consciousness that will not only deepen their spiritual lives but will empower them to consciously co-create their daily lives and thereby bring peace, joy and clarity to their work, families and relationships. 

Tree of Life: Series 1

This 5-week series includes three Tree Of Life lessons and two mystical Bible contemplations.

Students in these courses will experience an expansion of consciousness that will not only deepen their spiritual lives but will empower them to consciously co-create their daily lives and thereby bring peace, joy and clarity to their work, families and relationships.

This class is right for you if you have completed the “Meditation and Metaphysics” class series and you are seeking a deeper understanding of the spiritual world so that you can create the life you want. There are no religious requirements and all seekers are welcome. 

Currently we are in The Birth of the Light that includes the following schedule: 

  • Week 1: Creator lesson with spiritual blessings 

  • Week 2: Bible Contemplation 

  • Week 3: Life lesson with spiritual blessings 

  • Week 4: Bible Contemplation 

  • Week 5: Light 1 lesson with spiritual blessings

Course Dates: Thursdays on 11/16, (no class 11/23 for Thanksgiving), 11/30, 12/7, 12/14, 12/21

Time: 8-9:30pm EST


Note About Tree of Life Classes

These are the Level 1 Series- they are open only to those who have completed the prerequisites.

Prerequisites: Shadow and Light or Meditation and Metaphysics 

If you would like more information please contact [email protected]