Theama Mystery School

What It Is


Theama Mystery School is a modern adaptation of a traditional mystery school. Many traditional Mystery Schools were highly secretive because they believed that esoteric knowledge was dangerous to the uninitiated. This has proven not to be true. Instead it is as Jesus said “those who have ears to hear will hear”. Esoteric, mystical and metaphysical truths have been easily accessible for many years and have done very little harm because they cannot be truly understood intellectually. They must be understood experientially and that kind of understanding requires years of practice, self-examination and humility. As you can imagine, that kind of work does not appeal to the masses. 

Theama Mystery school combines Christian Mystical practices including mystical communion, meditation and devotional practices with updated Western Esoteric practices and knowledge. Advanced practice students learn Hermetic Qabalah, Tarot and alchemy. These topics are often the most intriguing but we have found (through a great deal of experience teaching and learning) that the most important teachings and challenging lessons are the simplest ones.

How It Works


The Theama Mystery School is a holistic and compressive training that takes many years to fully grasp and more than one lifetime to master. So, if you are primarily interested in the esoteric information and ideas, we recommend signing up for the correspondence courses of B.O.T.A or others like it. They have excellent resources, many of the same teachings and materials and do not require the level of time and consistent engagement as our Mystery School. 

We have several open-access introductory courses for those who want to explore our teachings and begin or expand their mystical practice. Once a person has completed the induction courses they can request initiation and apply to become a spiritual apprentice. Spiritual apprentices commit to daily practices, receive direct one-on-one spiritual direction and counseling and are given access to further initiation and eventually the possibility of ordination. 

Answers to Common Questions

If you would like more information about Theama's Mystery School, please reach out to us.